Lola: Ipsum Factum

On Saturday, I was teetering on the edge of a cold/flu situation and had barely enough energy to catch Lola‘s opening reception at the Corey Helford Gallery for her new series, Ipsum Factum. I was originally drawn to the reception because of the free tacos offered to the first 200 guests (I lost interest after we arrived) and because they said there would be origami cranes hanging from the ceiling – fun! Anyway, KFK and I emerged from the gallery with mixed reviews.

Through the artist’s unique process of visual storytelling, Lola explores catalysts for new beginnings as well as the forward momentum of positive change to be the best that one can be. Lola’s enchanting mini-vignettes blossom from the vibrant challenge of discovering newness and liberation of finding one’s authentic voice. ‘Every day is a lesson and a challenge, with noticeable evolution and growth’ adds Lola, and for her upcoming show, she finds inspiration in being ‘pulled along by the moon as the unexpected guest, mesmerized by its significance for the love of a story.’

For ‘Ipsum Factum,’ Lola creates narratives that are more metaphorical than before, illustrating harmonious relationships between humans and animals. Her palette takes a softer direction, adopting soothing neutral, earthy tones, and her work increases both in scale and content.”

~ Corey Helford Gallery

Contrary to the intent of Lola’s art, KFK wasn’t getting any positive vibes from it at all. More like upset, polluted juju. The only thing he liked was this tiny picture that made him start craving sushi.

I haven’t really decided how I feel about Ipsum Factum, if it’s depressing or not. It feels more like  the world in between melancholia and euphoria. Things aren’t quite dark, but they’re also not quite light. It’s hoping for a better future, but trying to deal with emotional baggage in the meantime.  And it doesn’t hurt to have a giant cuddly animal to help you through it.

Flying cranes!

KFK sees himself in “Future’s Faint Sweater Fretter.”

View of the action from a flying crane POV.


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