Rodarte Does Maggie

As of late, Stylebubble is my only resource to the intersection of fashion and Asian cultural heritage. Good job, chica! She recently posted an entry about Rodarte’s recent project constructing garments reflecting their interpretation of four different characters that Chinese actor Maggie Cheung portrayed. When I read it, I was like, hey! I actually know who she is! Thanks to KFK who owns many a Chinese DVD, I remember watching her in Hero, though it was initially to catch Jet Li in action. (As I type, KFK just popped in the DVD.)

Hero – Flying Snow

KFK was worried that Rodarte’s interpretations would bastardize Cheung’s characters. Not so. The designer duo made Flying Snow’s costume to literally depict…flying snow.

Heroic Trio – Chat / Thief Catcher / Mercy

Okay, I’ve never seen Heroic Trio but I’m assuming Cheung’s character is wearing something resembling a dress though I can’t really tell in the picture. Must explain why Rodarte’s interpretation is in dress form. I guess I was looking for the leather , but the designers stayed true to their deconstructed aesthetic.

Clean – Emily Wang

Okay, this looks more like the character’s costume, and definitely “easier” to see Rodarte’s signature look.

In The Mood For Love – Mrs. Chan

I appreciate that the designers didn’t copy Cheung’s costumes to the letter. In this interpretation, they seemed to integrate the cheongsam’s silhouette seamlessly with classic Rodarte. Even KFK could appreciate that!

*Model stills from Stylebubble here


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