Look What Chicago Blew In!

Harhar! My first attempt at documenting street style. I wonder how more “professional” street photographers do it; when I’m drawn to someone’s style, I tend to stare and whisper excitely to KFK, “I like her dress/shoes/earrings, purse!” Some may call it creepy, but I like to reframe it as flattery.

Consistent with my whole nomad/desert traveller’s kick lately, there was something intriguing in the way this woman pulled all these elements that I wouldn’t normally have thought of bringing together to create a look that felt complete. For example, the trendy club top paired with those awesome pink snakeskin sandals with the colorfully beaded ankle straps. There is so much going on: the doorknocker earrings, necklace, belt, bare shoulders, stirrups, ankle straps. It could look totally busy, but she balances the larger accessories with smaller, more delicate pieces like the thong sandals and low-key necklace. It also helps that she anchors all the busy accessories together by keeping the bigger pieces –the top and the leggings– monochromatic.

It sucks cuz the most awesome part of the outfit are the stirrup leggings; shiny black animal print against a black background. Tribal yet trendy. And you can’t see it cuz the lighting is so dark! Argh! I tried to adjust it with my Photobucket tools, seeing as I lost my Photoshop after reformatting my computer…but it’s not the same.

Anyway, it wasn’t as awkward as I thought it’d be, going up to someone and asking to take their picture. It helped that for my first time, she was totally open and cool about it. And I’m not not trying to be like The Sartorialist or anything; I just love the idea of capturing other people’s styles and going back to them for inspiration.


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  1. farfalla33
    Mar 25, 2010 @ 21:01:30

    i really like the way you described it. i wouldve never seen all those elements in one outfit 🙂 u should check out my blog bellefarfalla.wordpress.com …i just started it but i am going to be updating it regularly!


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