Spring Dee-light!

Spring for me was met by a whole slew of fashion and craft magazines overflowing my mailbox. It was like Christmas, ripping into the clear protective packaging encasing each magazine as though it was a gift. Seeing as it’s 4 days past the first day of Spring, I figure I’m not too late, but I’ve been seriously procrastinating this post cuz I couldn’t muster up the effort to scan my favorite editorials (so far) that I wanted to ring in spring with. But a good day at work gave me that boost of energy to fuss with our scanner (and good thing, too, cuz the scanner kept crashing on me!).

Anyway, Vogue must have read my mind. Work is a constant daily grind, the economy blows (but the health care initiative passed; so that’s one good thing is this dismal state!). It’s no wonder I want to escape into nature via warrior fantasies, images of nomadic travels and –don’t judge– romantic prom scenes at the beach.

Amazon Woman, Hear Me Roar! (Vogue, March 2010)

I love when editorials look like they have nothing to do with fashion. The clothes almost seem to blend into the scene, which, in my opinion, is the mark of seamless styling. I love the draping on this Rodarte dress, conveying ease, flexibility and spontaneity.

This skirt is awesome, like quills stripped right off a porcupine.

Wonder who did the body art? Same person who did the Spring show for Rodarte? Gotta admit, Rodarte was on point with their Spring collection. The Amazonion warrior look is all over the map.

I like it when the editorial notes pay homage to cultural influences, in this case, the “Black Amazons”of the Dahomey and Ashanti. Side note: McQueen lobster claws still going strong!

Won’t You Roam My Way? (Vogue, March 2010)

She reminds me of a desert sunset. I tend to stray from color in my daily repertoire (which may also be a result of working in a professional setting), but I’m warming up to it. Especially when it replicates shades from nature. No bright 80’s neon for this diva.

I don’t know what is about layers that appeals to me so much. Maybe it’s the dozens of thousands of possibilities that can come from pairing different colors, patterns, textures, etc. together and coming up with an amazing, cohesive look each time. It’s fun to view clothes like I would toys. That’s what I get for all those childhood years messing around with Lincoln Logs.

Aside from the earthy colors, I just love this image. It’s a Rorschach for what I would love to be doing right now: snoozing in a bed of good feelings.

Beach-nik Grunge (teen vogue, April 2010)

More natural bliss! I know this editorial is for a “romantic prom,” but a true creative mind finds inspiration anywhere. Case in point: the beach is an awesome background for this straw woven Blouson Noir bustier. Rest assured, it’s on my must-have list (yes, both the beach and the bustier –ha!).

I remember watching one of the earlier episodes of Ugly Betty where Christina tells Betty that a dress is made of “barrrrlap!” (burlap – I imitated her Scottish accent and laughed about it for days). The dress on the episode was unremarkable, but I love how they styled the burlap effect in this picture. The knit cap is the perfect flashback to 90’s grunge. All she needs is a flannel and we’ve got Kurt Cobain’s prom date.

Layering genius: Bebe top, Agent Provocateur bustier, and Chanel skirt. I wish fashion was more daring back when I had my prom. I wonder if girls actually wear this to their prom nowadays…

Ahhhh…! When I’m stuck inside my office at work, at least I’ll have these pictures to gaze at and fantasize about. It’s my prozac for the winter blues.


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