Just Be Natural

I’m a Libra and Librans need balance. Sometimes I just need to get away from all the clutter, both literally and figuratively. While I love the excitement of patterns and colors and textures, it’s like, stimulus overload. So, to balance it out, I’m surrounding myself with peaceful, calm and serene shades(?) of white with natural wooden accents, my personal anecdote to life’s daily chaos. This sneak peek of Fitzhugh and Lindsay of Brooklyn Company provide the perfect backdrop.

Points of interest: that giant wooden table that I want for myself but would probably take up half my apartment. Other point of interest is that loft moonlighting as a guest bedroom. Ladders are fun!


A closer look at the giant wooden table. I love things that appear to be in raw form, as thought a stump of a tree was found in the shape of a table. And I love that giant rock in the corner. I think a part of me wants to live in woods. A plus to the interior of this room is how neat and organized the wall display is. It's inspiration on organizing my own living space (amongst other things).


My dream bathroom entrance. Apparently Lindsay scoured eBay for a barn door to use in the entry way. If only I could be as innovative. Doesn't it make you excited to see what peace, joy and calm is going on inside?


It'd be amazing to wake up in this room. So bright and airy, it's like a Clagon commercial: "Calgon, take me away!" And, it gives me ideas for the four-poster bed KFK wants.


Just another example of using raw wood as furniture like these tree stump nightstands. Makes me wanna go into the woods and chop down some trees.

 Tom Rossau blends “natural” lighting with structured architectural shapes.

And speaking of architectural details, a couple pairs of Chau Har Lee heels. I wonder what it’d be like to wear this first pair…

Ahhhh, mental heeeealth…! Sometimes achieving peace means appreciating the simple things…

…like paper. Presenting, the Paper Cut Project.

Breathe in simplicity, breathe out drama and chaos…feel better?


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