World Market Travels

Haha! My attempts at using Poladroid to record my more recent fashionable pursuits on a romantic jaunt to Santa Cruz.

The first stop was Om Gallery, a new-agey East Asian store that drew me in with their glowing lanterns.

I spent most of my shopping journey at World Market Bazaar, a small store filled with ethnic goods, clothing, jewelry, furniture, you name it. If you ever cruise on by, I recommend a nice, thorough rummage through their overflow of jewelry and accessories where nearly everything is 20-50% off. As always, their clothing made by local brands run a little on the pricey side.

After a few minutes in the store, I could feel the quickening pace of my heart as I became overwhelmed with desire to purchase every piece of jewelry that caught my eye. So a wise word to the shopaholic: proceed with caution!! Let the feast begin…

My husband and I spent Saturday evening at Shadowbrook, a quaint restaurant nestled in a river ravine and boasting a world-class menu. Inspired by my earlier post on Operation Desert Princess, I dressed in a military-nomad-black-tie hybrid ensemble.

It’s kinda hard to tell them apart, but I piled on 4 necklaces because I couldn’t figure out which ones I wanted to wear the most. Starting from the top:

  1. Black cameo necklace with thick chain (Target, $12)
  2. Medallion necklace (Mexican Riveria cruise, necklace and earring set $10)
  3. Da-Nang clothing tag and dreamcatcher gift strung together on leather string
  4. Pearls and clear beads on gold-ish chain tied together lariat-style (gift from husband)

The foundation of the ensemble was this black tube dress from Wal-Mart ($4).You can’t tell in the picture, but I had wound the attached belt multiple times around my waist in an artful manner, reminiscent of a Greek toga. The Hellz Bellz jacket happens to be one of my most favorite purchases because of it’s myriad of details and multiple functions which I will explain in-depth at a later time.

Anyway, am loving World Market Bazaar. I purchased an abalone charm, wooden ring with what looks like horns carved into the top, and two metal ropes that can be made into jewelry, my new favorite toys! Stay tuned for pics!


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