Animal Instincts

With feral transformations dominating the silver screen such as the likes of New Moon and The Wolfman, it was only a matter of time when it’s lupine counterparts would grace the runway via Topshop’s Unique ready-to-wear collection for Fall/Winter 2010. It’s runway shows like this that make me love dressing up and provide yet another reason why I believe Halloween should be celebrated the entire month.

I'm still trying to figure out what animal head is perched upon her noggin. But I do love the layering instincts of stylist Katie Grand and the use of the leather harness strapped securely across that gnarled fur coat. A possible DIY project perhaps?

My heart goes "yum!" over animal ears, baby blue decorative hair accessory, high-waisted short-shorts, thigh-highs and boy scout costumery.

When wolves hunt deer, you get a wolf-printed dress in fabric as graceful as a gazelle and mittens mimicking hooves of a bucking buck. And may I say, what big eyebrows you have, grandmother!" "All the better to be stylish with, my dear."

I don't think anyone could make badgers anymore stylish than this. The elongated cuffs, exaggerated collar and asymmetrical hem peak definite interest, but it's the badger head that gives new meaning to the phrase 'wolf in sheeps clothing."

I'm guessing...punk porcupine??

This orange and black knit confection is a welcome change from the giant furs in the rest of the collection.

Is that her hair? Is that another animal hat? Who cares when she's wearing that gigantic sweater reminiscent of log cabins and wood-burning stoves. I can almost smell the pinecones littering the path to grandmother's house we go.

YAY!!! Rabbit ears make me smile. I'm already re-thinking my Halloween costume for this year.

Super-sized antlers fit for the trophy room. Imagine wearing that to the next family holiday get-together.

My gawd. Lingerie to make me droooool. I'm in the market for a vintage one-piece romper that I can DIY into this number.

Punk-rock forest fairy. Toto, I don't think we're in Rivendale anymore...

Leatheeeerrr. Now, I'm no dominatrix, but I may have a slight leather fetish. Being caressed in this leathery mama makes me cry wolf.

It's no secret. I love one-pieces, even more so those with interesting details like these slouch pockets.

The leather details remind me of corset tops, giving this simple black dress an earthy yet naughty feel.

Okay, something that's a little more my everyday speed: T-shirt, military jacket, skinny jeans and boots. I even own a hunting cap. The only thing that's missing are those branch antlers poking ominously out from the fur. And surprise! I can DIY that in seconds. I just need to find the appropriate venue to display such an odd accessory.

Antler attack! I'm gonna need a bigger closet...

 So according to, the hats were supplied by Emma Cook, “wild-child” eyebrows by Hannah Murray, “hedge-bush hair” by Paul Hanlon and stlying by Katie Grand. A genius team if I do say so myself.


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