The Glamourai

I’ve been soaking up fashion blogs like sponges, literally starting at the very first post and reading each entry until the most current one. (Maybe that’s why I can’t keep up with my own blogging, hmmm…) If I find myself intrigued after the first few posts, I consider the blog “chosen” and I make it my priority to read the blog like I’m studying for a board exam. And I’m not joking! I’m learning so much!

Ever since I started reading The Sartorialist, I’ve loved reading articles on people who speak intelligently about fashion. I was never one who bought into the trends or used them to define who I am. While I love trends, I only subscribe to the ones that actually fit my persona. I have much respect for bloggers like StyleBubble and now The Glamourai who know their style and know exactly they want to dress themselves, a place where I want to be in my stylistic journey.

Fur, gray, major scarf action. Need I say more?

The Glamourai is a new fave.  Her daily “costumes,” as she calls them, are eye candy. According to an interview she did with Supermelon, she describes herself as “a young lady who likes to dress like an eccentric 80-year-old.” LOVE IT. Her style icons are Iris Apfel and Edie Beale, two eccentric 80-year-old women whose styles remind me of young girls playing dress-up, but actually end up looking pretty awesome. That was validating to read for me, a woman who has been trying to justify her fascination with tapestry bags reminiscent of that eccentric 80-year old.

Iris Apfel - love the jewelry, love the colors, love the glasses.

Edie Beale - reminds me that I still want a fur coat.

 I remember being frustrated when I first started reading her blog. Not at her, but at myself for not being as solidified in my own sense of style. I feel like I’m still exploring with my limits and learning how to trust my style instincts, whereas she stays looking so gorgeous and put together in all of her pics!

Red, black and white - my office is decorated in these colors. I especially love how she mixes patterns and it ends up looking neatly chaotic. It's a skill I hope to acquire some day. There's something satisfying about being able to contain madness. "Decadent, but never undone. I love mixing prints, colors, textures, volume, eras… but always in a way that isn’t overwhelming to the eye. It is exacting, but never precise, and completely dependent on my mood."

A woman after my own heart. I long to find a giant bib necklace in my favorite metals to grace my torso.

Jewelry-making is more her forte, but The Glamourai also finds pleasure in reconstructing kimonos into her trademark Glamourwraps (see picture above). She played around with tops by cutting out the shoulders and I guess the trend transferred over to her love of kimonos. I’m in the market for one of these bad girls…once I have $350 to spare.

Notice the cut-out shoulders and glamourai sensibility.

Apparently, you can wear the Glamourwraps in many different ways. Again, a stylist who speaks my language. I covet pieces that can be worn multiple ways. When clothes spark my creativity like that, I can't help but swoon.

The Glamourai rockin' the kimono love. Did I mention I want an obi belt?

I envy her ability to wear that weird concotion of leafy material and look unbelievably cool. One of these days...

Another example of The Glamourai's creative genius. Reconstructing a dowdy skirt into a sexy display of leg action. Love how it mimicks her hair.

The Glamourai Flapper done to perfection. Ringing in 2010 the only way a Glamourai can.

If only studying can always be this fun.

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