Operation Desert Princess

The fashion world is preparing for a revolution. Whether this takeover is political or stylistic, I’m excited to be a part of it. In the quest for cementing my own stylistic persona via blogger and magazine research for inspiration, I’ve found fancy in the military/desert ensembles that have been cropping up on runways everywhere. I’m enamored by the exquisite simplicity of The Row’s Spring/Summer 2010 ready-to-wear collection, using nothing but bare skin, natural elements such as flower petals, crowns of twigs and feathers borrowed from Mother Earth and artfully placed strokes of warrior paint resembling wet red earth to accessorize the models’ bodies.

Although my own wedding is over and done with, I still fantasize about themed weddings and can’t help but imagine styling a desert-themed nuptial.

I completely love this look! It evokes feelings of open space, freedom, and grounded bliss, something I yearn for on a regular basis. ACNE’s interpretation of the Desert Warrior Princess continues in their Fall/Winter 2010 collection, now with metallic bling for futuristic reference. I introduce to you, Diva Galactica.

This is Tam Tam Cho, Diva Galactica's sharpest sharp-shooter. Boasting Black Belts in 5 different martial arts, Tam Tam intensifies her ass-kicking power ten-fold with her platinum and brass ankle cuffs meant to knock out enemies of Diva Galactica with a single roundhouse kick. Strappy black stilettos leave foes in fear of a stabbing and ACNE's slim-fit trouser leggings give her maximum mobility.

Luna Vee uses her celestial powers to predict enemy warfare before they hit the Diva Galatica militia. ACNE's loose and comfortable tunic keeps her in sync with the cosmos and enhances her sense of premonition. Fur trimmed boots provide comfort and warmth as she leads the Divas through treacherous ground on mission quests.

Geneva is her name and stealth is her game. The Divas' most prized assassin covets black silhouettes in tough textures to assist her in hunting her enemies and protecting her from harm. ACNE's sheath dress boasts a bulletproof leather vest for added protection and a two-in-one belt that converts into a cat o'nine tails whip meant to whip her enemies into subservience.

Anya One, second in command in the Diva Galactica hierarchy, wears coats of fur to signfiy her high rank. Anya uses her powers of weather control to freeze enemies in their tracks. ACNE fur coats shield her from the wind, sleet and snow pummeling hostiles of Diva Galactica into the ground.

Calista Jones, the Queen Bee of the hive, exudes confidence and royalty with her mere presence in a room. Her ACNE multi-fur coat warns others that she has the power to take on and retain the power of anyone in her vicinity and multiply its intensity to the nth power. With a simple gaze, she absorbs others' abilities and if she chooses, renders them helpless against her crushing embrace.

Oh, and the best part about being a member of Diva Galactica? They can all sprint in stiletto heels.

From what I’ve seen, achieving Operation Desert Princess status is beyond simple. Check the formula:

  1. In lieu of man-made adornments, run through the forest, pick up twigs, flower petals, stalks of tall grass and place them artfully in your hair. Mother Earth will be pleased to see that you’ve given her precious children new life.
  2. Living (surviving) in The Desert requires tough skin. Invest in leathers, burlap or material that was made to appear rough such as linen dyed a rugged beige to convey resilience against the harshest elements Nature (and mankind) has to offer.
  3. And what is a costume without make-up? Complete the look with Warrior Princess paint. If you wanna go completely gangster, mix red earth with water and slab it strategically all over your torso as shown in The Row’s collection. Or, if you’re a little less adventurous, use costume store face paint in silver, bronze, gold or other metallic shade to enhance your Third Eye (giant circle on your forehead a la ACNE).

However, I know the majority of us don’t dwell in the Saharas or Death Valley or even the student co-op in downtown Santa Cruz where face paint and crowns of dead twigs would probably be a welcome tradition. I found in W Magazine equally fascinating inspirational photos from their editorial, Field of Dreams, where nature remained as the backdrop and the accessories on the models mimicked their surroundings.

Ra the Egyptian Sun God(dess)

Ride 'em, cowgirl! (She's living my cowgirl fantasy.)

The cornhusk colored fringe on the skirt echoes the breeze combing through the model's hair and the sway of the dried grass in the background. The branches resemble antlers, evoking images reminiscent of a virulent young buck. Accessorizing aside, I enjoy the stylistic pairings of the leather bustier in a burnt caramel shade over a tunic-length button down and that delightful fringed handkerchief skirt. It makes me want to play with lengths and proportions in my own closet.

"Swing your partner, doe-sy doe...!"

The Sun God(dess) returns. I've always been into jumpsuits. The combo in this photo isn't a one-piece, but I like the continuity of the ruched leggings with the gathered hem of the top. The unevenness of the desert is translated into clothing. The Sun God(dess) is pleased.

 Aside from loving the delightfully neutral tones and natural textures in this editorial, I’m also a jewelry whore. My photographic journey into a psuedo Sahara wouldn’t be complete without the bodily architecture of Pebble London that graced the models’ necks and perched regally on their heads.

Love it. It kind of inspires me to make my own necklaces made from simple, natural objects. I added this Anni Albers Bobby Pin Necklace jewelry kit to my Urban Outfitters wishlist.

Eh. Not as extravagant as Pebble London, but imagine all the amazing ways I could embellish on them! Add another strand, insert chains in between the corks, intertwine strands of leather…the possibilities are endless!

Sometimes the situation calls for a more subtle set of adornments (ie., the workplace). The fantastical collages of All For the Mountain complement the architectural details of their jewelry.

Yum! I want to make collages like these. I used to have an Egyptian fetish and tried to learn as much as I could about Egyptian deities. Come to think of it, I’m still drawn to the culture. It’s a new itch of mine to travel to Egypt and explore the pyramids and the Sphinx, maybe do photoshoots in front of them. Let the revolution begin!


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