Weight Up

When I first viewed Karla’s Closet, I did notice that her body figure was bigger than the typical fashion blogger. But what really caught my attention was her style, and that made me an immediate fan. So it surprised me to see while I was researching her entire blog from the beginning, that she was actually pretty thin. I guess readers had been making comments about her weight gain that she finally responded:

By the way, it is a bit silly to me how random people have decided to blatantly state that I have huge thighs or look like I’ve gained weight. If you’re super skinny, then people assume you’re anorexic and if you’re a little curvier or whatever you’d like to call it, then people think you’re fat. I don’t believe in society’s “beauty standards” because obviously everyone has their own opinion on what they consider beautiful or not. As far as my legs/weight goes, whether I’m fat or skinny, I accept my figure the way it is because it’s how I was made to be.”

It was pretty cool cuz her blog probably reaches a younger audience and hopefully her message that weight and style aren’t synonymous comes across.

The good thing about personal fashion blogs such as Karla’s Closet is that it features “real people” so readers can relate to them in some way, unlike print or online fashion mags who are paid to set beauty standards. I’ve critiqued a severely Photoshopped ad of Twiggy for Oil of Olay, but I think it’s interesting and worth mentioning other celebs who’ve been touched by the digital fairy godmother.

Newsweek: "Kate's body was transformed by a Photoshop tool that allows a retoucher to elongate the body, making it appear slimmer and more lean." Newsweek: "The many shades of Beyonce as evidenced by (from left) a 2008 L'Oreal ad, a 2007 cover show from Joy magazine, and a 2009 image on the cover of Russian Glamour."

Jessice Alba: This is probably one of the most unneccessary retouching jobs I've ever seen. She already looks fine to begin with and even with the retouching, she looks practically the same.

I knew she didn't look that good.

Demi Moore: Newsweek identified her "missing hip" as a result of someone getting Photoshop happy, but they neglect to mention the rest of her alien face.

And these images are witness to one of the most fucked up firings due to being "overweight." Newsweek: "This magazine ad for Ralph Lauren, which spurred protests outside Lauren's Manhattan headquarters in 209 features 23-year-old model Filippa Hamilton looking positively non-human. At 5 feat 8 and 120 pounds, Hamilton (pictured in another Lauren ad left) later said that the brand -which ultimately apologized for the image- had quietly fired her for being overweight."

And just to show how much of an influence the media has on people, I found pics of Heidi Montag taking Photoshop to the next level. Presenting plastic surgery at it’s creepiest. Not cuz the surgeon did a bad job, but because she looks like a completely different person. If I were Spencer, I’d feel guilty cuz it’d be like sleeping with another woman.

Heidi Montag's "Before"

Heidi Montag's "After"
Her mother’s reaction? “My mom was looking at me like I was a circus freak.”
My questions is, what was wrong with her before??? I have a landlord who looks like a horse after all the silicone in her plastic surgery curoded. Now Heidi looks more like every other blonde in Hollywood: plastic. And is, quite literally, made of plastic. She could star in her own Stepford Wives reality show.
In contrast, Zink Magazine uses model, Nichola, to poke fun at the use of Photoshop in creating the perfect image of a woman in the media with exaggerated shoulders, limbs, and booties.
It reminds me of the Filippa Hamilton’s scandalized ad, only this was meant to be artistic instead of grotesque. If anything, I just wanna learn how to use Photoshop. Good job, Zink!

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    Mar 08, 2010 @ 07:38:23

    thank you so much, had the same trouble! btw great site (i love the designing!)


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