Karla’s Closet

I’ve been spending much of my spare time researching, researching, researching. Researching style blogs for my entertainment, that is. Now if only all research was this fun.

I recently acquired an account on Bloglovin and became privy to some of the most followed style blogs on the planet. KFK and I were having a debate (as usual) about whether or not the internet has increased communication. Long story short he argued no, I argued yes. I mean, you can have dialogues about politics and short-hemmed skirts with someone in Japan in this day and age! Without the internet, I would be stuck talking to the same peeps in Suburbia, California.

Through Bloglovin I found a new fashionista to add to my blogroll: Karla’s Closet. Granted, she lives in LA (I think), but whatever. She’s of Latina heritage and that’s international enough for me. I always get a little more excited when I find multicultural representation in the media.

I noticed that a lot of the blogs I’m being drawn to lately feature women sporting more masculine-feminine hybrid, classic styles such as Phosphene and now this chick. In the past, I’ve always found classic styles to be –for lack of a better word (and tact)– boring, especially ones geared toward the nautical theme (which is ironic since it’s almost essential that I’m near large bodies of water). But maybe it’s cuz I’m growing up and my tastes are changing that I’m starting to really like these clean lines and minimalist attitudes as long as they incorporate a little twist. Mama likes ’em quirky.

I Thought Bras Were Worn Over The Shirt I know the lingerie-over-the-clothes look has been done to death, but I never really see someone actually do it in real-life and pull it off without looking like they got dressed in the dark. The cups look a little too lingerie if you know what I mean, but not by much that it harms the quirk factor.

Blazin’ Blooms – Karla does an exceptional job of locating vintage finds and making them work. On the rack, this blazer must’ve been hideous, finding their way to the thrift store from the closet of the cat lady down the street who realized that Dress Barn was a clothing store and not a market that sells farm produce.

Toro, Toro! – These fringed pants are probably by far one my most favorite pieces that she found. In the past, I would’ve passed it up, commending it’s previous owner for relieving themselves of such a bizarre article of clothing. Come to think of it, it would only be bizarre if paired with a matching jacket, stirrups, a red cape and worn by a matador. Damn, now I want a pair of fringed pants.

The Lacey Ones – I did a double-take when I first skimmed past the picture on the left. Is it a unitard, is it a swimsuit? The beachy setting threw me off. Regardless, it’s a magnificent piece of clothing and I want one. My only qualm is that, while unitards are growing on me, I’m a little turned off by the fact that I’ll have to strip down to pee.

Oh, Stella! – I’m less intrigued by the outfit than the fact that it’s a representation of Karla’s alter ego, Stella. I love the idea of perceiving outfits as costumes and channeling a role or a part of you that you wouldn’t otherwise play in real life.

Pattern-Making – I remember owning a couple pairs of palazzos back in the day. I should’ve kept ’em and rocked them like these wide-legged trousers. Again, another example of clean lines jazzed up with interesting patterns. And to think, these are vintage. She is a vintage-shopping wizard.

Going Coo-Coo for TuTus – And now the piece de resistance; a black tutu worn as day wear! Classed up with a white button-down and shearling collared leather jacket, this outfit is geeeeenius. Quirky, quirky, quirky. She is my sartorial hero just for this outfit alone. I knew I should’ve bought that black crinoline skirt at Claire’s when I saw it! I guess it’s back to the outlets for me…


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  1. beaqueen
    Apr 19, 2010 @ 09:52:36

    I love her style.



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