Cotton On

My husband (who will be referred to as KFK from here on out) and I spent the weekend chillin in coffee shops and surfing Wi-Fi frontier during the day and cruising the shopping scene at dusk. After being together for 8 years, give or take a few months, my appetite for window shopping and going on missions* has rubbed off on the poor guy. He requested that we go to the nearest mall to continue on his current mission for the next-perfect trench coat (at my suggestion, he recently purchased a sexy black number reminiscent of Neo on the matrix from Zara).

We’ve been having this on-going debate that a trench coat is not a men’s basic (his argument). Strongly influenced by the logic that a trench coat must be a men’s basic because I think it’s a women’s basic, I finally had to cave and agree that it’s probably not a men’s basic in California as opposed to a colder state like New York.  That being said, this mission could not have come at a worse time. As we skip merrily towards Spring decked out in flowers, there are virtually no trenches on the racks.

Anyway, I digress.

My point of this post was to relish in the fact that this particular mall appears to have been adding new stores and restaurants at a pleasantly consistent rate. While KFK was wallowing in the reality that trenches are a rare species in this Lipstick Jungle, I was soaking up all the new store fronts with dilated pupils. I was swayed in particular by Cotton On, a retail chain based in Australia.

It’s basically Australia’s version of H&M, which means another stop for B&B – basics and budget shopping. Love it! I scoured the sale racks (much to KFK’s chagrin) and ended up purchasing a pair of comfy-ass gray and black tie-dye leggings  and olive gray silky-like pajama bottoms with cargo pockets (which I totally rocked today with my new black patent leather black wedges from Bass, a black blazer and ruffle collared tank top). I tried to find pics of them on their online catalogue, but came up with squat. I did come across these lovely basics that aren’t quite that basic. And the best part is that they’re cheaper than the Australian prices.

I’ve been on the prowl for a leather skirt. I had a polyeurethane one years ago that ripped in the seat when I sat down (curses!) and since then I’ve sworn off PU forever (sort of). Bodysuits have also begun to peak my interest. I saw one awhile ago with fringe on the neckline that made me wanna become a cowgirl (a current fantasy of mine).

Another “budget” store that I’m kind of conflicted about is American Apparel. (I put budget in quotes cuz I still find some of the prices atrocious.)

Forty-five dollars for this??? Plus, the CEO’s sexual portrayl of the models really creeps me out. If the clothing weren’t being worn by sex-starved prepubescent-looking models, they’d be just like any other basic. The conflict comes in because I really, really want this dress!!!

In all honesty, AA has really stepped up their game! They’re capitalizing on the whole economic crisis thing and I’m totally biting. Aside from the lace print dress, I’m hella jocking on this drawstring dress that you can wear a million ways.

It’s like the Norma Kavalli all over again! And to tempt me even more was this blogger, Zanita, modeling her version.

<pondering the image>

Damn. I need to get a professional camera.


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  1. cheryllikestoshare
    May 01, 2012 @ 12:39:47

    I love Cotton On. We will have one soon here in the Philippines.
    I like your blog by the way.
    You may also visit mine.


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