Hustle ‘n’ Show



Saturday afternoon. I’m nestled in a couch of one of my most favorite places in this neighborhood, Zephyr coffee shop, home to local artists, hookah enthusiasts and a well-known favorite on Yelp. I come here during lunch hours and those precious 15-minute breaks for passion fruit with flowers tea brewed in giant whimiscal mugs and to escape from the daily grind. Work has become all-consuming and I’ve been planning to make my time there short, leaving me with financial worries running incongruent to the travelling lifestyle I long to lead.

When I’m not basking in the noonday sun out on their porch, I’m burrowing myself in their comfy couch cushions, thumbing through a magazine and glancing thoughtfully up at the art on the walls. It sparked an idea months ago to start hustling my own art and make a few greens on the side. Getting that doctorate degree doesn’t come without financial stress.

The only problem is that I’m chillin in my head too much, ideas constantly blocked by my own thoughts. It’s been so long since I’ve actually made something and I’m feeling a bit rusty. I have journals upon journals of art and poetry; I felt like I actually had time to do that stuff. Fortunately, the internet isn’t without ideas; it’s pouring to the brim with inspiration.

I feel like I’m still getting to know myself artistically, but I know that I’m drawn to mixed media, collage and layering. One of the pieces that inspired me starting hustling used newspaper, acryclic and words on canvas. I actually almost bought it and had already thought of a place to hang it in my apartment.

A lot of the art I did before made use of magazine pages. I used to sift through the gazillion of magazines I owned and cut out whatever image caught my eye. I would categorize each clipping by size and store them in appropriately sized envelopes. (If you noticed, I’m trying to translate my paper collages into the computerized version. There are so much more images to “cut out” but I’m still getting the hang of putting it all together seeing as I no longer have Photoshop.)

Outsapop posted a couple images of magazine editorials with strands of “metal tears.”

I remember wrapping spare red thread around a piece of paper to depict angry emotion for one collage I made years ago. I’ll post it later when I get home. I have two pieces of canvas taking up a small corner in my closet. Maybe I can do something with thread again. I was so happy with it cuz I felt it portrayed exactly how I was feeling. That was a successful piece in my opinion. Just some thoughts as I ponder economic and emotional survival…


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