Neither Hair Nor There

I want to cut my hair.

Getting my hair cut has always been quite an ordeal for me. I often need time to pass before I muster up enough courage to let those cold, glinting blades touch my dark chocolate locks. With the exception of my auntie’s wedding when I was 6 years old, I’ve always boasted yards and yards of  long black hair flowing freely from my scalp. These strands, this glorious blanket of ebony tendrils tumbling to my butt have been a part of me literally all my life.

It was only until 6 months ago when I began layering and cutting my hair to armpit level. And I did the most dramatic thing hair-wise that I’ve ever done: I got bangs. Side bangs, to be exact, so it was easy to sweep them to the side if they ever got irritating. But they didn’t. And I continued to partake in this trend for a few months despite feeling as though I had lost a few years off my chronological age, getting trims and touch-ups every few weeks or so. I found the growing-out process very displeasing.

[Ink drawings by Tina Haruna]

Anyway, after the novelty wore off, I began yearning for my yard-long hair again and I’ve since then let it grow out to the point where I no longer have bangs and my longest layer has touched base with my waist. Even though I love my long hair, I don’t heart being bangless; it’s plain and boring, a far cry from my years of being comfortable with aboslutely no style to my hair whatsoever (I’m proud to be a hair virgin; no hair dyes or perms whatsoever. The damn thing is so healthy, I can’t fuck with that).

Anyway, it’s time for a cut. And I’m looking for new hair-spiration from Nagi Noda‘s hair hats.

 This is my favorite hair hat without a doubt. It would be so much fun to wear this.

Apparently, Lady Gaga has the same idea.

My immediate reaction towards anything mainstream is to approach it with suspicion, especially when it’s so over-the-top and seems like it’s screaming for attention. But fuck, this performance is intriguing! And she’s so weird and quirky…fuck, she sings my national anthem. All she’s missing are these awesome human hair accessories from Bitching & Junkfood which don’t look as nasty as they sound. Dayaaam! Check out that chest hair…<smirk>

Does someone need ear hair clippers? Ahahahaha!

In all seriousness, the significance and power of hair is amazingly strong. I’ve never cut my hair past my shoulders. I’ve never cut it without crying, of course. One time I went to get my hair cut and the bitch chopped it off like her scissors were hedge trimmers. I was so traumatized I threw a tantrum and my husband had to soothe me with ice cream and back rubs. A lesson learned the hard way, never sacrifice hair for price.



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