Kolor Me Kron

My shoe collection is relatively vast. Well, to be honest, if I could have a space just for all my clothes, shoes and accessories, I could open my own boutique. (Hey! That would be really fun…) Footwear is like punctuation at the end of a statement; it’s the final word on the mood of an outfit.

Stylebubble and her quirky British style references opened me up to the world that is Kron by KronKron, a quirky shoeline that doesn’t see the lights of malls anywhere in the US, at least, not that I know of. And to be honest, these shoes are beyond punctuation because they make dramatic statements all on their own. When I saw the shoes, I was gleeful at the eye candy before me which, alas, is probably what they will end up being for me because I can’t be fucked with to wear heels. Always on the go, making comfort top priority; it’s a recipe for a tumble down the stairs and a trip to the ER. So eye candy is what it is:

I’m so smitten with their fantastic mix of textures (suede, leather, PVC, mesh); jewel tones (goldenrod, forest green, burgundy, cerulean); patterns (pleats, stripes, zebra print, quilting); trimmings (zippers, bows, tassels, corset-style ribbons) and the ever-present conical heel. It’s amazing how much creativity can shine through in just the foot area! I’m particularly drawn to the lovely salmon and blue heel on the right.

The pink and black ruffled numbers are a sweet contrast to the bold hues of its predecessors, reminding me of Victorian lace parasols, Lolita costumes and Agent Provocateur ads, like lingerie for the feet.

Saga, a London-based photographer at The Neverending Story, helped capture the whimsy of Kron by KronKron via photoshoot. Click on the link for eye candy overload:

I’m intrigued by the contrast of the brooding feel of the photography itself (heads bent low, hair obscuring the girls’ faces, curled up in melancholy on a stack of hay) with the jewel tones and funky patterns of the clothing and the shoes themselves.

If I had the opportunity to style a photoshoot using the shoes as inspiration, I would take the colors and run with them, imagining scenery straight out of a vaudeville circus show or creating a colorful spin on the Victorian or 40’s era.



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