When Tim Burton Meets Dr. Seuss

Clarification: this is a style blog. I find interest in all kinds of style and design, not just in fashion, though fashion is a strong first. However, being a Libra, I’m enamored by beautiful surroundings so naturally, interior design is a likely outlet.

In keeping with the dark tones of my recent entries, I’m re-posting this inky sneak peek from design sponge. Abigail Ahern is the owner of this home which resembles a cross between Tim Burton (of course) and Dr. Seuss.

If you view this picture from far away, the orange from the hanging lamp really pops. I’ve always loved how dark backgrounds help make vivid colors even more exuberant.

The first thing I thought of when I saw this picture was Dr. Seuss with its poofy, over-sized lamp and almost-equally gigantic ottoman…which kinda reminds me of a Muppet…not to mention the ostrich table…

…and the blue “desk lamp” on crack with only the hot pink coffee table to understand where it’s coming from. Outrageous meets super outrageous.

Not as much color here –it has more white actually– but still with enough interesting pieces to make me wanna scour every little piece of furniture and lighting fixture. If there’s anything I love, it’s in the details.

Inspiration much? I’m intrigued by the accent wall swathed in bookshelf wallpaper. It feels very museum-like and while the clean lines of the pink sofa doesn’t look as comfy as the ottoman, I’d like to imagine that I could sink into with a good (real) book.

Okay, the chandelier is ridonkulous. It makes the bathroom what it is: awesome. It almost looks like it was Photoshopped onto the picture. I simply can’t take my eyes off of it.

The reason why I feel like it’s been Photoshopped on is because of the way it’s positioned here. How does it hang from the ceiling and not stab anyone sitting on the couch? And where can I get one of these??? Everything in this house is like Dr. Seuss on steroids.

Like sister…like sister. Gemma Ahern with her own sneak peek which is strikingly similar to Abigail’s inky color splash.

Gray…hot pink…seem familiar???

I believe this is the same bookshelf wallpaper and pink coffee table. I love the vintage touch of the hanging lamp adds character to the modern panache of the home.

Now this image is brilliant. The cow skull and gargoyle-like statuettes which completely enhance the gloomy mood of the mantlepiece is off-set by the shocking, humorous burst of hot pink.

The sisters seem to make space for white and other airy colors…as well as Muppets reincarnated as ottomans. They do add a sense of hilarity to the mix.

Okay, I love teal. The blend of steely gray, glossy black and cool teal with a hint of yellow and violet make me swoon. I adore bold colors.

Now the colors aren’t especially outstanding here, but I love the mood it brings and the innovative use of a near-floor booshelf. That’s vinyl stored under there, eh?

I love bold, rich colors, but I think the hubby is a little adverse to gloom and doom. And to be honest, I’m not entirely in love with the decor as a means of comfort. If anything, it’s amazing to look at and and is endless source of inspiration. Complete eye candy for this sugar mama.


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