Send In The Clowns

I’ve always been enamored by anything Tim Burton-esque with it’s dark sense of humor and ironic mix of goth, wizard-of-oz technicolor and almost evil sense of debauchery reminiscent of the painted faces and masks decorating Mardi Gras. But never has Tim embraced my moody mood than he has in the past few months. It’s a lovely refreshing contrast from the neon hipster trends as of late, splashed obnoxiously all over everything in sight.

This post was inspired by reed + rader’s portfolio of GIF images. Three words: creepy clown fun.

A modern portrayal similar to that of porcelain harlequin dolls.

click for animation

How I imagine Marie Antoinette would look if I were on on acid.

These are probably two of my favorte reed + rader pieces depicting a cross-reference of distressed futurism and a day at the circus. The animated harlequins are surreal images straight out of my dreams.

click for animation

click for animation

Despite all the negativity in my life, I have to keep a smile on my face. Having some sense of humor is the only think maintaining my sanity. My current outlook on life reminds me of Outkast’s song, “The Whole World.”

So you can only imagine how excited I am for March 2010 when Tim Burton’s next cinematic masterpiece hits theaters!

It’s the perfect recipe for fantasy and realism. You could either take it for what it looks like on the surface which is a fantastical mess, or, you could take the route of someone mesmerized by the effects of marijuana and think a little more philosophically.

Perhaps that’s why Pushing Daisies is one of my favorite TV shows even though it’s only 2 seasons long. Every time I near the end of the 2nd season, I get mad that it got cancelled; they could’ve done so much more with the show!! It’s supposed to continue as a comic book, which I’m skeptical about, but we’ll see.

Water For Elephants is a book where my dark clown imagination runs wild. I think 1920’s era with drunken clowns, adulterous acrobats and murderous animals.

For those with an even darker palatte, A Clockwork Orange is a classic favorite of mine. The little touches of clown memorabilia like the lone row of false eyelashes resting devilishly under Alex DeLarge’s  right eye, the bowler hats, shock pink and blue wigs that remind me of cotton candy and my raver days. It’s all a bit disturbing when combined with rape, murder and psychopaths. Personally, I can only take Orange in small, infrequent doses, preferring Tim Burton’s striking balance between goth and charm to anything too close to reality.


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