Money Talks, Style Rocks

The best thing about this economic crisis is the impact it has on fashion for us regular folk who can’t afford designer duds on a regular basis. On the emo tip, it makes me feel special to buy things with a designer’s name attached to it, like all the collabs being done between Target and the likes of designers such as Anna Sui (I bought my birthday dress from her Target brand!), Alexander McQueen, Patrick Robinson, Thakoon and Luella. December 20 will be the launch of Rodarte’s Target collaboration! I’m making it a point to visit a Target to check out the goods before I set sail for Mexico on my honeymoon, yeeeee!

Some pics of the Rodarte line were leaked a few weeks back. I peeped some, but never got a chance to download them. But they’re everywhere in the magazines, even Vogue. Side note: I find it funny –and quite profound— that a high-class mag like Vogue is showcasing Target lines; goes to show how deep in the economic hole we are…

Anyway, there are pics of some pieces online from Marie Claire:

Rodarte Fall 2009

 The look for ready-to-wear is Goth, show-casing marbling effects and snippets of cloth pieced together in a way reminiscent of Edward Scissorhands as describes it. In similar fashion, Rodarte’s Target line shows off their dark sense of humor. Funnily enough, the duo are from California, not really a state that would be known for Goth fashion. The best part is, every Target piece is under $100.

Wal-Mart is a very close competitor in the budget race. If you think the prices couldn’t get any lovelier than Target’s honey, think again…

When Miley Cyrus came out with a line at Wal-Mart, I was embarrassed to admit that I was drawn to anything related to the tween star. I think the line had been out for a month when I finally brought myself to try on a few items from achey-breaky Junior, when, thankfully, I caught sight of the Max Azria logo perched haughtily next to her moniker.

I think the most expensive thing in her/his line is $20.

I ended up buying two pairs of leggings; one was the gunmetal gray cutout and the other was a plain black pair with studs up and down the sides of the legs. I don’t know where I’m going to wear these bad boys, but I love that they were only $10 and look funky enough to add to my arsenal of costume clothing. I really wanna cop that fringed vest –as generic as it looks and feels– but I think it sold out pretty quick. That is the negative side of waiting to buy something; you run the risk of it selling out.

Anyway, the fact that Max Azria of BCBG was the creative genius behind Miley Cyrus made more sense as to why I was so drawn to the line. I told my best friend and she sheepishly confessed: “Oh, I already bought two shirts from there.”

Now the piece de resistance…Norma Kamali’s all-in-one dress, only at Wal-mart:

After reading rave reviews on the dress (tip: the only caveat is that the sizes run small so many reviewers suggest getting a size up), I bought myself a little black number and received it in the mail two days ago after I got home from work which is when I promptly dumped my work bag and dropped trou despite the season’s freezing temperatures to swathe myself in the silky black drapery.

I tried on an all-in-one dress from American Apparel once, and found the extra fabric around the bust area rather unflattering. Disenchanted, I’ve maintained a rather disdainful view of all-in-one garb. But after reading the reviews of Norma Kamali’s all-in-one, I decided to take a leap of faith –hell, it was only $24, right?– and give it a go.

Verdict says: love-lyyyy! This dress is beyond bomb. The extra fabric drapes rather than sticks out awkwardly from the body so one looks like a Greek goddess instead of a chick who can’t fill out the dress. The batwing sleeves are constructed in such a way so the wider portion of the sleeve function as fashionable drapery and the fitted portion double nicely as a belt or halter. The best part? There are an infinite number of ways to wear the dress, not just 7.  Overall, a nice formula where style meets function meets my wallet is still in tact.


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