Hello Shrinkle

I am so bummed! I totally missed the Hello Kitty fashion show a couple weeks ago. I didn’t realize that guests needed to acquire a ticket for admission online (I say “acquire” cuz the damn show and all the events for the Hello Kitty exhibition were free). I’m also not the best person to plan things so I waited until the day of the fashion show to decide whether I was gonna go or not. By the time I decided to go, they were already sold out of tickets.

Luckily, one of my favorite indie designers, Shrinkle (click on her link on the sidebar), was invited to feature a Sanrio-inspired dress in the show so her blog is filled with pictures from the event.

I totally live vicariously through her blog. We’re about the same age, she’s been running her own business and she gets to walk around (half?) dressed in fishnets and lingerie and not turn tricks. She’s about to launch a make-up line called Sugarpill which was the official makeup brand for the fashion show, and even though I’m probably the last person on earth to wear so much vibrant color, I think I might just buy some when they’re available online.

(The following pics are all from Shrinkle’s blog.)

Let the fashion show begin!

I feel completely biased cuz I’ve been following Shrinkle’s rise to fame for years now. Peeping her fashion line while slaving away through grad school has been my silver lining amongst the layers of academic papers and oral exams. True to Shrinkle fashion, her Hello Kitty-inspired frock boasts contrasting shades of pink tulle, bows and satin ribbon. And if you look closely under all that tulle, Hello Kitty’s signature ribbon peeks through.

My favorite touch are the varying lengths of crystal strands gracing the bodice of the dress and a single strand teasing the back. Finished off with a gathered bustle, the ensemble illuminates the pink confection that is Shrinkle’s creation. Plus, Lauren is so damned cute. Shrinkle has the most adorable models.

In contrast to Lauren’s cloud of adorable blonde tangles, Wednesday Mourning’s dark hair and alabaster skin transition Pink Macaroon’s pale pink dress into Gothic Lolita territory. To be honest, I’ve never followed Pink Macaroon’s work till two minutes ago, but it’s clear from her blog that her clothing embraces pastel pinks and blues without a saturated color off-set by streaks of black (like Shrinkle) in sight. Black might scare the little kiddies. Unlike Shrinkle whose clothing boasts punk influences, Pink Macaroon reminds me of a baby girl’s nursery room.

Now I know who’s behind Hello Kitty’s giant bow! Chubby Bunny crafts these plump accessories which also took front and center stage of her Hello Kitty-inspired dress.

CandySpooky’s dress takes a more contemporary shape with cleaner lines and an uneven hem.

Returning to the girly punk aesthetic, Jessica Louise uses shots of red to highlight the white, black and grays of her dress. Her stuff is similar to Shrinkle, but without the lingerie feel. I can’t really see the jacket Hanna Beth has flung over her shoulder, but from what I gather, it appears to have some kind of marching band uniform coat feel to it.

I really love this look by Artifice Clothing. I think it’s cuz it has a sexy secretary vibe and I have a history of sexy secretary fetishes. I don’t mind the pale pink at all in this ensemble cuz it’s balanced thoughtfully with inky black edges, kinda like how I always loved outlining all the pictures in my coloring books in black. And mad props to the designer for daring to make the skirt length below-the-knee. It does look kind of awkward, but Faery is rocking it so hard it really just looks kinda awesome. I do wonder if she’s wearing a corset underneath it all cuz the only thing that’s freaking me out is how tiny her waist is. That can’t be natural.

I just checked out Artifice Clothing’s website and I completely smitten with everyone all tucked in and PVC’d out. Sometimes I forget how much I’m drawn to shiny leather.

Now here’s an 80’s-inspired ensemble by Skingraft. Maybe cuz it’s hard to see the details of the dress but it feels rather subdued. Probably really well crafted, but in comparison to the other dresses prancing down the runway, it feels lacking. I visit Sanrio stores for crazy, not for sane!

Continuing on with the 80’s theme, Melody walks out in a little spandex somethin-somethin’. I’m a little less than enthused with the 80’s garb so…

Yaaaayy! Victoria in her Hello Kitty overkill outfit is just the remedy for cheesy trends of 80’s past! The flapper-esque fascinator, petticoat mini by way of can-can girls, ribbon-shaped purse with gold chain enhancements and the delightfully horrible Kitty-repeat scarf. I actually like this outfit better than the sexy secretary outfit, although they do titillate different style pallettes. Sexy secretary is naughty while can-can girl is fun. They run very close seconds to one another.

I feel bad for guys cuz generally, they’re not allowed (by society) to have as much as fun as women when it comes to fashion. There was a brief attempt years ago for men to sport floor-length kilts (read: skirts) but that lasted all of one-and-a-half seconds. Anyway, Fiftyseven-thirtythree sports emblems that remind me of Japanese sun rays, no? And to be honest, I really kind of hate the hipster trend of wearing tight skinny jeans, and I especially hate it when guys sag their tight skinny jeans. I normally like the nerd look, but ever since Hollywood made them trendy, they’ve actually activated my gag relfex. Unfortunate.

Toxic Vision. I’m impressed by this chick. I checked out her website and she’s got quite a professional set-up. And although her Hello Kitty-inspired ensemble isn’t my most favorite, I do appreciate how she sticks to her style: Marylin Manson meets KISS. Personally, I think she held back a little. She could’ve turned that Hello Kitty bodice into one of those cut-out corsets. I would love one of those cut-out corsets to tell you the truth. But since we are talking Sanrio here, I guess she had to make a compromise between the pastel colors, the shredded-like vinyl pants and faux fur shag coat.

Back to PVC. Not as exciting as Artifice Clothing, but Ego Assassin also stays true to her slick silhouettes. 

Yay! Someone dared to use the cage skirt! Antiseptic Fashion delivers with their signature waspies emblazoned with hardware. Honestly the cage dress feels a little awkward, but I give props to anyone who dares to step out of the norm. 

Shrinkle rules! Hello Kitty wears a Shrinkle creation which boasts Shrinkle’s favorite colors (well at least they look like her favorites; she wears electric blue hair and hot pink make-up to every event she blogs about).

Lauren during a photoshoot for a book Sanrio is making. If you ask me, she hella blends in with the scenery.

I’ve always loved dressing up –as in dressing up for Halloween. Once upon a time, I fantasized about being a model so I could stand around looking pretty but never having to do any strenuous work (classic Libra). That is one thing I hate about dressing up; discomfort. I hate being uncomfortable in my clothes. If wearing crinoline and tafetta felt like wearing sweats all day, I’d never change out of them.

There’s a part of me that loves being childlike so wearing Shrinkle-type clothing wouldn’t be too much of a stretch. I noticed, though, that I wear a lot of dark, muted shades, though, yet I love to look at bold, rich colors. It kinda fits my personality. Never one to enjoy all eyes on me, I’ve always been more comfortable getting my hands dirty backstage and letting my work take the spotlight. Perhaps that’s why I can’t fully picture myself wearing Shrinkle-esque clothing, always dancing around the fringes of going all out and allowing myself to do so only on Halloween. But slowly, I’m warming up to playing in the show.

I blame the economy. In fact, I blame the economy for a lot of things: famine, depression, war. And apparently, my growing interest in wearing petticoats and pink. I used to gag whenever I saw the color pink. However, because of this depressing economic state, I’m sufficiently depressed at my day job. Plus, my day job requires that I wear neutral colors like black and gray and need visual pick-me-ups to get me un-depressed. And if the color pink and images of grown women dressed like princesses are good for anything, it’s visual crack.


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