Erykah Badu Bowler Afro Puffs
Erykah Badu – Baduizm at its finest.

I spend 50% of my working hours at Zephyr coffeehouse (or daydreaming that I’m there) for their hot crepes, passionfruit herbal ice tea and homey atmosphere flanked by local artist pieces on the moss green walls. It’s a hotbed for escapism and inspiration. I had been wracking my brain for days trying to figure out what to name my style blog. It’s all I have to keep me company while I slave away at work for laughable wages. That and the company of my gazillions of fashion and DIY magazines that I’ve subscribed to. The only thing missing is the spotlight on the beatnik reciting poetry off a rickety barstool.

Luckily, the peace and quiet does give ideas a chance to transpire. The quiet din of espresso machines whirring and dishes clanking, college students taking quiet time outs to mull over study guides; it’s a lovely backdrop for my lunch hour, free from the chaotic lives of my clients. I’m thankful to undertake the task of coming up with a name for this blog.

It was obvious from the beginning, though it took a little while before I arrived at that juncture. I’ve had my personal blog since 2003 ever since I entered grad school. The backgrounds, layout, fonts and titles have gone through many makeovers, but my profile has always remained constant.  Occupation: bag lady, tagline: “She’s got plenty…”

Baduizm has never been so true.


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