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My current love of orange hues is so random for me. I’m usually drawn to red, black, gray and brown. But none of those colors wrap me up in warm hugs the way orange does. Summer’s almost here…

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Vintage Airstream

My interest in tiny trailer-like vehicles is not a secret, but until now I haven’t come across any trailer interiors that really tickled my fancy. From jewel-toned walls to brocade ceilings, antique lamps and retro upholstery, leave it to The Glamourai to uncover this vintage gem.

Good Morning

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Something Wicca This Way Comes

I used to party a lot with hippies back in college. It made sense, seeing as I was deep in the forests of Santa Cruz, the land of surfers, dreadlocks and co-ops. My days were filled with tapestries, incense, bongos, alcohol and weird dancing without a care in the world. It was a far cry from the tense conformity of my high school days. And in Santa Cruz, I discovered a kinship with things that are natural, down-to-earth and to this day, I always seek comfort in an environment that reminds me of those care-free moments.

I’ve come across quite a few online interior design magazines, and Rue magazine is, by far, my favorite, particularly for portraying diverse styles and including quirky, off-beat stories and editorials such as “Dark Light Shining.” Aesthetically speaking, this is my dream party! Of course, I’d thrown on some Hepcat or The Roots in the background cuz hip-hop’s how I roll. But keep the rest; fur, feathers, dreamcatchers, turquoise-bling –it’s all me.

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Tribal Notions

Collages: She’s Got Plenty; Backgrounds: Jonathan Zuwanda; Image Sources: Suno AW 2011, Mike Gonzalez Summer 2011, Lizzie Fortunato AW 2011, Anthropologie

This Is Not IKEA

My one-bedroom apartment is covered in 4-year-old moss green carpet with equally dated fixtures (why does the garbage disposal always sound so funky??) and overlooks the back of the neighborhood bar. I love the sound of sirens and rice rockets speeding down the boulevard intersections. Needless to say, it’s a far cry from Marie Nylander’s treasure trove in Arlid, Sweden. I’m not too crazy about the white paint, but I gotta admit, it serves as a refreshing contrast to the rustic and industrial pieces and avant garde pop art. Well, to be fair, my balcony railing is covered with a nice thin coat of rust…

This solidifies it; I’m so getting a zebra-print rug for KFK’s and my future casa.


Love the colors in this shot: green and turquoise off-set by the chalky orange vase. Note to self: must get drawer cabinet with weathered turquoise paint.

You almost don’t even notice the lucite chairs. Genius move pairing them with the natural elements of the wooden desk and bowl.

Waaahh! Besides zebra-print rugs, natural wood tables are my interior design crack. And let’s not forget the proportion play in this shot: excellent black floor desk lamp.

The lampshade almost looks like it’s made of feathers, my other form of crack.

What’s up with this house and unique –but not outrageous– lampshades???

Reading chairs that belong in the library never looked so amazing. Of course that glorious view in the background might help out a little…the cash fairy can drop in on me anytime now…

Fur Example

Two jobs and a recession era later, I’m looking forward to moving into my first house with KFK. I’ve been collecting pictures of interior designs as inspiration and making mental notes of themes, colors and decor that tug at my home-sweet-home heart strings. And what better to make myself feel rich even though I’ve been struggling with this damn economy than a fur-embossed abode? To be honest, fur and animal print have always been a love of mine, but I’ve always confined them to outerwear or outerwear accessories, like scarves or gloves. After the fur trend exploded this season and I began seeing animal hide rugs all over interior design websites, I’m making a point of incorporating the trend into my future home.

I found this post touring the apartment digs of one Vanessa Traina, style setter and daughter of popular author, Diane Steele, for Harper’s Bazaar. One need not ask why it’s going into my interior design archives.

“‘Ah-lo, an’ welcome to my ‘umble abode! See zee fur pee-lows? I plop onto zem when I am tired from all zee glah-morous seengs I do at my work.” (I don’t think Vanessa has a French accent, but this is how I imagine a glamazon such as herself would talk when entering a decked out pad like this.)

I love furniture that takes the form of shapes from nature like side tables in the form of tree trunks. Antlers and bone are another option to add to my decorating arsenal.

Although I find the clean, white aesthetic pleasing to the eye, it doesn’t quite reflect my personality which prefers to be bombarded with rich hues. However, I am digging the layering of rugs on the hardwood floor.

“I love to wear zee cheetah-print blazer when I go work. It helps me to feel wild and chic at zee same time.”

The black fur vest in the background reminds me that I am in the market for my own shaggy cover-up.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had animal print bedding. Perhaps now it’s time to upgrade to a fur comforter and live like the cave people did (huh, isn’t that ironic?).

I’m enamored with the mixture of prints and textures here: the fur throw pillows, ragged upholstery, leather bag and…is that a real tiger hide rug??? I’m both a little frightened and impressed.

Well, apparently, this zebra is the real thing. I wouldn’t feel comfortable having so many dead animals in my home being used as decoration but I can definitely get down with the faux trend.

On that note, a little DIY for the home: a fur covered bench to elevate your bathroom to glam status. Yay! Below is the tutorial from Design Sponge.

  • Comb estate sales, flea markets and junk stores to find a bench with legs you like. Lynn-Ann chose one with sexy claw and ball feet.
  • Pick up one of Ikea’s classic fluffy flokatis, which comes in both small and large sizes.
  • Clean your bench well (you can stain, paint or strip the legs but we’re currently liking the contrast of rough legs with a glamorous top). You can leave the upholstery as is (give it a good shampooing) or rip it off. Lynn-Ann took her upholstery off.
  • Lynn-Ann took off the legs but we’d probably just trim the flokati to work around them.
  • Lay your flokati on the floor, fur side down, center your bench seat on top of it, seat side down, and wrap the flokati around it.
  • Use a heavy duty staple gun to staple the flokati in place underneath your bench. Be sure you pull your sheepskin taut.
  • Turn it over and voila! A fabulously glam seat for your bathroom, your living room or your bedroom.

Chanel Don’t Play Ping Pong

 I’m not a fan of ping-pong, though I remember watching my best friend in college and her now ex-boyfriend taking out their frustrations with their ISN projects by playing furious and often violent ping-pong games in the campus laundry room. Then I was appropriately amused watching my in-laws playing beer pong over the Fourth of July, though I could care less about beer (although one day I did have a Sam Adams and a then a Coors Light and wondered, what the hell is this water-tasting boo-shizz?!). 

But this black tie housewarming party gives a whole new stylish spin on ping-pong that I might actually take up the game just so I can dress up in Guiseppe Zanotti stilettos and play ping-pong all night. 

At first glance, I thought it was a New Year’s bash. But it was actually a housewarming/cocktail/ping-pong party for Kevin Sharkey’s home makeover



I love the details! Stashing the booze in an ice-filled bathtub is so frat house. 


The Oreo cookie cake with sparkler candles and martini bar is genius. 



This homie knows how to get down with the quirky! A lipstick-drawn frame on his mirrored wall is inspired. 



Makes you wanna play ping-pong, don’t it? 


Forgive me for being a complete spazz, but I kept staring at this picture above wondering how the hell they got the scores to float like that… 





It’s a mirror, genius. And below, the final elegant touch on a ping-pong housewarming cocktail soiree: a silver tray stacked with Chanel lipsticks to keep score. 

It’s Nothing An Elephant Couldn’t Cure

I am so confused! I’m at the transition between Summer and Fall. Even though the weather is still warm, a lot of Fall collections are making their appearance, making me actually look forward to cooler weather. I feel as though I have to get all my Summer posts out of my system before Fall completely sets in. Besides, I’m not ready to say good-bye to those warm summer nights.

I first heard of glamping in an issue of H&M that talked about “maximizing your festival pleasure with style”; glamour plus camping. Clever, eh? The idea of living it up outdoors luxury-style is the ultimate summer getaway fantasy. I came across the Four Seasons in Thailand that takes glamping to an international scale, complete with massage treatments overlooking jungle-scapes and trekking through rainforests on elephants.

It would be so amazing to see lush green vegetation everywhere instead of concrete jungles for a change. And I would forgo my car for a couple weeks and gladly ride Dumbo to the supermarket instead.

Hi, Uncle! Hi, Auntie!

While I am proud to say that I’ve ridden and swam with a dolphin before, how many people can say they’ve fed an elephant while sippin’ on some midday tea? Now, that’s going on my bucket list!

This is the spa with a view I was talking about. Talk about utopia. I would never want to leave.

My dream bathtub would be like soaking in bliss like this.

I think Four Seasons wants to play up their elephant attractions…

Burma is so lucky.

This is the tent at the Four Seasons. Yes, I said tent…get ready for the most amazing glamping ever

The bathroom amenities in the tent is better than the bathroom I’ve seen at most hotels. Geez!

This rain shower is probably my most favorite thing in the tent. If I never get to go to Four Seasons in Thailand, I want to install one of these bad boys in my future dream house.

Curiosity got the best of me and I had to check the rates. It ruined the fantasy, but I couldn’t help it. In my little fantasy world, I would spend about 2 weeks riding elephants, getting massages and trekking through rainforests. According to the currency converter, that little fantasy would cost about $1,500 a night. Riiiight. It reminds me of Travis McCoy’s, Billionaire (gawd, I so know what he means!) which is what I wish I was in order to get my jet-set glamping on! *Sigh* Oh, well. I think I’ll just stare at these pictures on this post when I’m most in need of escape and invest in a large fern plan. Or adopt an elephant.

Back in the Saddle

I had to force myself to leave these pics alone instead of turning them into backgrounds for another collage. Can’t you just picture Rodarte’s Fall 2010 collection lined up in the livingroom, though? They’re amazing images of the Capitol Saddlery Building in Austin, Texas. Apparently, it started out as one of Austin’s first fire stations in 1890 and has been transformed into a private residence. Now, it’s back on the market for like, a gazillion dollars. C’mon, let’s take a tour! We can dream, can’t we?

This livingroom is to die for. The lush velvety-looking upholstery and exotic patterns. Yum-my. I think I’m most crazy about the walls which reminds me of a rustic, green patina.

Homina homina…! So much richness…can’t take it!…eyes bulging…pupils dilated…!

I love the little hints of leopard-print everywhere.

*Sigh* There will come a day when I will have the space to create a rustic little heaven of my own. Until then, I’ll take solace in my daydreams of leopard-print throw pillows and lime-washed walls.

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